Dr. Gaurav Gangwani

Dr. Gaurav Gangwani

Interventional Radiology

About Dr. Gaurav Gangwani

Dr. Gaurav Gagwani is an Interventional Radiologist known for his pragmatic and patient-centric counseling. He specializes in minimally invasive interventions, which can treat complex medical conditions without the need for surgery. He believes all expertise and ethics are futile if the patients’ needs and expectations are not taken care of.

He has a strong background in academia and research. He earned his medical degree from Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai, and completed his D.N.B. in Radiodiagnosis. He also completed his FRCR-Part 1, 2A (Fellowship of Royal College of Radiology, London). Dr. Gangwani also completed his 2 years Clinical Assistant plus Fellowship – Vascular and Interventional Radiology from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Dr. Gangwani formerly served as a visiting consultant of Interventional Radiology at St. Stephen’s Hospital and has also worked as a Clinical Assistant in the Department of Interventional Radiology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. He was a Head Consultant in Radiology at Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital and has completed Fellowship in the Department of Interventional Radiology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and was also an Associate Consultant in Endovascular and Interventional Radiology at Jaypee Hospital, Noida. Dr. Gangwani was given the chance to receive specialized training in Interventional Radiology from SIRAP, Japan, because of his academic achievements. He is currently working as a Consultant and Head, the Department of Interventional Radiology at Bhaktivedanta Hospital and Research Hospital, Thane.

According to Dr. Gangwani, in addition to providing the greatest medical care possible, doctors should work to develop meaningful relationships with their patients that will help them not only with their immediate medical issues but also with their overall well-being. He believes that patients should be equipped with the knowledge they need to decide on their own care.