Dr. Jawahar rathod

Dr. Jawahar Rathod

Interventional Radiology

About Dr. Jawahar Rathod

Dr. Jawahar Rathod earned his medical degree from N.K.P Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and completed his MD in Radiology from the Department of Radiology, Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur. He holds more than 13 years of experience in Vascular and Interventional Neuroradiology and specializes in all the nuances of Vascular and Interventional Neuroradiology and has performed several complex Vascular procedures like embolization of peripheral and gastrointestinal aneurysms, tumors, and vascular malformations, bronchial artery embolization, uterine artery embolization, angioplasties, vascular stent placement, and peripheral vessel/sinus thrombolysis, GDC coiling of aneurysms, stenting of renal vessels, IVC & hepatic vein stenting, glue and PVA embolization of tumors and AVM. Radio- Frequency/Laser Ablation of varicose veins.

Dr. Rathod subspecialty interests include neurointerventional techniques such as Endovascular coiling of brain aneurysms, AVM embolization, Tumor embolization, CCF Embolization, Carotid Angioplasty and Stenting, and Stoke thrombectomy treatments. In the past, Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur’s Department of Radiology, employed Dr. Jawahar Rathod as an assistant professor and consultant. He is currently employed by the Government Medical College and Hospital in Nagpur as an Associate Professor and in Charge of the Interventional Radiology Unit in the Radiodiagnosis Department.

Numerous works of great medical value written by Dr. Rathod have been published in peer-reviewed journals., he has delivered presentations at various conventions.He has received many Awards and honors for his success in his line of business.
In addition to receiving the “Gold Medal” for Best Paper Award on “Comparative Study of Radiofrequency Ablation Versus Endovenous Laser for Symptomatic Varicose Veins” at “Nimacon 2010,” he was honored with the “Young Investigator Scholarship” at the Korean Congress of Radiology in 2009.

Dr. Rathod thinks It is essential to provide a platform where doctors and Neurointerventionists from all backgrounds may come together to debate academics, education, and optimistic methods in order to produce the greatest results for the patients in order for the field of Neurointervention to advance.