Dr. Mayur Bandawar

Dr. Mayur Satish Bandawar

General Surgery

About Dr. Mayur Satish Bandawar

A recipient of the Fellow of Minimal Access Surgery awarded by AMASI, Dr. Mayur Satish Bandawar earned his medical degree from Government Medical College, Nagpur, and completed his MS in General Surgery from PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Dr. Mayur Satish Bandawar previously worked as a Clinical Associate at Galaxy Care Laparoscopic and Robotic Hospital, Pune, and as a Medical Officer at Subdistrict Hospital, Aheri, Gadchiroli. Dr. Bandawar also worked as a Medical Officer at Primary Health Centre, Dongargaon, Chandrapur. and as a Medical Officer (Surgeon) at General Hospital, Chandrapur. At present, he is working as an Assistant Professor, in the Department of General Surgery at Government Medical College, Chandrapur.

His research on position-related changes in uroflowmetric parameters in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia before and after treatment has increased our knowledge of age-related prostate gland issues that can cause urination difficulties. He has numerous other peer-reviewed journals to his credit.

Dr. Mayur continues to participate in numerous pieces of training held across the nation to stay current on the most recent technology needed in his line of work. He has also participated in the NRHM Special Diagnostic, Treatment, and Surgical Camp as well as the Anorectal Disease Diagnostic and Surgical Camp designed to treat less fortunate members of society.