Dr. Saurabh Arora

Dr. Saurabh Arora


About Dr. Saurabh Arora

Dr. Saurabh is a Paediatric Endocrinologist. He specializes in Childhood Growth, Puberty, Diabetes, and other Hormone related issues in Growing Children & Adolescents. Dr. Uppal’s Practice is the First & only Practice in Punjab and the neighboring states catering exclusively to the Hormone needs of Growing Children. His area of special interest is the integration of the latest treatment methods & technology from around the world into patient care in Punjab.

Dr. Arora obtained his medical degree and MD from Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana. Dr. He completed his DM Endocrinology at the Institute of Medical Sciences, Varanasi. In the past, he worked as Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana and, is currently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Endocrinology at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana.

Dr . Arora has in-depth knowledge of pediatric endocrinology and has authored several papers and publications in his area of specialization like Adolescent Medicine Physician, Diabetologist, Growth And Development – Community Paediatrician, pediatric Endocrinologist, and Paediatrician which have added immense value to the field of endocrinology. He is an expert in his field and has also won awards such as the Vivekananda Role Model Award 2005, Youth Icon of the Year 2002, Harish Gupta award for best undergraduate research in Basic sciences 2002, and NTSE scholarship 2000 for his expertise in the field.

One of the most well-known pediatricians in the city of Ludhiana, Dr. Saurabh, has earned the trust of countless residents over the years. He is an expert in the process of providing care with clinical perfection. The doctor and his staff provide top-notch support and care, always putting the needs of their patients first. “The hormonal systems are the subject of the medical specialty known as endocrinology. Because the endocrine systems of adults and children differ significantly, it is crucial for patients to see the appropriate doctor for their specific needs and not just prescribe medicines. A good doctor is someone who understands responsibility better than privilege and practices accountability better than business, according to Dr. Arora.