Dr. Vineet Gautam

Dr. Vineet Gautam

Gastrointestinal Surgery

About Dr. Vineet Gautam

With 14 years of clinical expertise at G.B.L. Indore, Dr. Vineet Gautam is a well-known Surgical Gastroenterologist, Gastro-Onco Surgeon, and Liver Transplant Surgeon.

Dr. Vineet Gautam graduated from M.G.M. Medical College in Indore with a medical degree. From S.M.S. Hospital in Jaipur, he earned his M.S. in General Surgery. At Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, Dr. Vineet Gautam finished his Clinical Fellowship in Liver Transplant Surgery. Additionally, Dr. Gautam earned his M.Ch. in Gastro-Surgery and Liver Transplantation from SGPGI, Lucknow.

At present, he is working as a Consultant GI Surgery and Liver Transplantation at GBL Hospital, Indore and Director – GBL Hospital. He is an expert in Liver Transplant Surgery and Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic Surgery. Dr. Gautam is a registered member of the esteemed MP medical council, Rajasthan Medical Council, and DMC.

In an effort to raise awareness of his work, Dr. Gautam has produced a video series to educate people on liver-related problems before they develop into more significant health problems. Helping one person might not change the world, but it might alter it for that one person, as Dr. Gautam is frequently quoted as saying.