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Kidney Specialist Doctor in Jaipur

A kidney specialist, also known as a nephrologist, examines the diseases affecting the kidney. Although there is a range of medical professionals, finding a kidney specialist in Jaipur still needs to be done with proper research.

Always choose the one who is educated and experienced in identifying, managing, and treating the illnesses and ailments of kidneys. Kidney specialists also address many related problems, from fluid retention to hypertension to electrolyte imbalances. A nephrologist is also responsible for treating peritoneal dialysis and managing a kidney transplant.

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Types of Kidney Treatment
Offered in Jaipur

Ilios Health believes in serving patients with the best kidney specialist doctor in Jaipur who prescribes the best possible treatment. The team will offer proper guidance to ensure ideal treatment can be prescribed. Every patient has a different condition, and treatment depends on the illness’s degree.


Hemodialysis involves using a dialyzer and a dialysis machine to clean the blood by eliminating waste. It is usually used when kidney functioning drops to less than 15%. Patients might experience symptoms like fatigue, swelling, nausea, and vomiting.

Kidney Transplantation

A transplant is a surgery performed by a kidney specialist in Jaipur to replace the damaged kidney with a healthy one. Depending on the situation, it is a very common treatment where the kidney is taken either from a living donor or a deceased individual.

Peritoneal Dialysis

During this treatment, a kidney doctor specialist places the soft plastic tube in the belly of the patient using the surgery. It is used for transporting a sterile cleansing fluid into the belly. The patient’s eating ability get improved with fewer medications after this treatment.

Renal Replacement Therapy

The best kidney specialist in Jaipur recommends renal replacement therapy for removing toxins from the body. It is generally performed when the kidneys stop working properly due to a condition. However, this therapy isn’t considered successful in the long run and is only used temporarily.

Neonatal and Paediatric CRRT Procedure

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) has gained immense popularity due to its impressive results. It is a non-stop dialysis therapy for a functioning kidney by eliminating waste and keeping the chemicals away.

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Kidney Specialist Doctor Success Rates in Jaipur

There are many different treatments for kidneys, and the success ratio varies from one to another. Regarding kidney transplants, nearly 95% of people survive at least a year after the treatment. This treatment has two types: living donor kidney transplant and deceased donor kidney transplant.

The survival rates of living donor transplants for five years are quite higher when compared with the other one. A surgeon in Jaipur from a top hospital has up to a 90% success rate depending on the health of the patient and the extent of their disease.

Kidney Specialist Doctor Referral Process in Jaipur

If a patient is dealing with advanced kidney disease, it is strongly recommended to collaborate closely with the nephrologist and primary care physicians. There are numerous methods used for identifying the referral status precisely.

A kidney specialist in Jaipur from Ilios Health consults with the patient’s primary physician to stop the progress to high-end kidney disease. Highly improved nephrology care is used for giving timely treatments to patients.

Kidney Specialist Appointment Scheduling in Jaipur

There are many different treatments for kidneys, and the success ratio varies from one to another. Regarding kidney transplants, nearly 95% of people survive at least a year after the treatment. This treatment has two types: living donor kidney transplant and deceased donor kidney transplant.

The survival rates of living donor transplants for five years are quite higher when compared with the other one. A surgeon in Jaipur from a top hospital has up to a 90% success rate depending on the health of the patient and the extent of their disease.

Kidney Specialist Insurance Coverage in Jaipur

We accept all types of medical insurance coverage for patients from all mainstream health insurance providers. Whether it is a reimbursement or cashless policy, we try to ensure patients go through a hassle-free process.

Ilios Health has partnered with various medical practitioners and healthcare service providers to ensure the insurer doesn’t face any procedural gaps or hassles while seeking treatment.

Cost of Kidney Treatment in Jaipur

Evaluating the exact cost of treatment depend on the extent of kidney problems in a patient. It is influenced by many factors, ranging from the type of surgery to how much damage has been caused to the kidneys.

For example, the cost of kidney dialysis ranges between INR 20,000 and INR 50,000 at Ilios Health. On the other hand, the transplant cost starts from INR 400,000 and goes even more than INR 800,000 in a few cases.

The exact treatment cost can only be explained after consulting with the best kidney specialist in India available at our hospital. They will evaluate multiple factors and prescribe the ideal treatment according to the condition.

Cost of Treatment
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Dr. Jyoti Bansal

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Patient Reviews
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Pratiksha Soni

You only need to visit Ilios Health once, and their team will assure you rest. They have always responded to my queries on time, showing professionalism and patient concern. I was diagnosed with grave nephrology issues and tried different doctors. A few of them were charging unfairly high, while others didn’t seem convincing to me. Only until I got to reach out to Ilios Health, I found a reliable and effective medical consultation and treatment for the ailment.

Deepak Kohli

It is one of the leading kidney hospitals in Jaipur which has an impeccable record and shows utmost professionalism. You can trust their medical recommendations and compassionate care. I had taken my wife to this hospital who was having cysts in her body. However, doctors prescribed the best treatment and she has fully recovered now.

Mohit Sharma

I receive extremely good care from the doctors. They are very nice and caring when compared with others in this field. The staff is friendly and responsive. Everyone on the team is very professional and understands the queries seriously before prescribing any treatment.

What are the Common
Kidney Conditions Treated in Jaipur?

There are many different kidney conditions; we have written the most common one below:


Although described as a rare disorder, it causes the body to produce a natural chemical cysteine that causes kidney problems. This condition can even result in kidney failure, and the urologist strongly recommends taking medicine as soon as possible to reduce cysteine levels.

Chronic Kidney Disease

A situation when the kidney starts losing the ability to filter waste and eliminate it from the body is known as chronic kidney disease. There can be very harmful effects if the waste starts building in the body. This condition can worsen when left untreated by a kidney doctor in Jaipur.

Kidney Cysts

A kidney cyst is a situation that creates round pouches of fluid in the kidney. They are often simple kidney cysts that don’t harm the body. Finding the main reason for this condition is harder, but fluid accumulation in a small area is considered behind it.

Acute Kidney Injury

Kidney damage or failure resulting in a very short period of time is known as acute kidney injury. In addition to kidneys, it can damage lots of other organs, like the lungs, brain, and heart. The major causes of these conditions are shock, severe dehydration, burns, and little medication use.
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You can email us your reports to understand the extent of your disease. Once you receive the follow-up, you may think about switching to a different method of communication.


If you prefer you can connect with our team on WhatsApp. Our experts will connect through the same mean to attend and solve your requests and queries.

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You can book the consultation by calling on our phone number and following the team's instructions for subsequent appointments and proceedings.

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Another method of receiving consultation is having a video call with our experts if a physical meeting isn’t possible. A video consultation is equally an ideal means for examining a patient's condition.

FAQs on Kidney Specialist Doctor in Jaipur

Chronic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, acute renal damage, kidney stones, and nephrotic syndrome are some of the common kidney diseases. The most common type of kidney illness is chronic renal disease.

You should see a kidney specialist as soon as possible if you have been diagnosed with a critical kidney disorder or have symptoms like blood in your urine, difficulty urinating, or swelling in your legs or feet.

Blood and urine tests can be used to identify chronic kidney disease. These examinations measure the quantity of waste materials in your blood and how well your kidneys are filtering them out. In order to examine the size and shape of your kidneys, your doctor may also do imaging tests on you, such as an Ultrasound or CT scan.

A healthy lifestyle can help prevent some kidney problems, such as hereditary ones, that cannot be changed, while others can be prevented by doing so. This includes eating nutrient-balanced foods, exercising frequently, drinking enough water to be hydrated, abstaining from cigarette use, and effectively managing and suppressing conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

The underlying cause of kidney disease and how far it has advanced will determine the course of treatment. Dietary changes, medications to control blood pressure or symptoms, kidney dialysis, or even a kidney transplant from one’s own body could all be included in the treatment plan.

A kidney specialist is a practicing medical professional who focuses on treating, diagnosing, and managing conditions that affect the kidneys.

You can find a kidney specialist in Jaipur by asking your primary care doctor for a recommendation or by searching the internet for kidney specialists nearby. Alternatively, you can speak with Ilios Health about your issue and receive the best medical direction, kidney care, and supportive care possible in Jaipur by approaching and explaining your situation to the team

In addition to reviewing your medical history and performing a physical examination, your kidney function may be assessed by conducting blood and urine tests. This will happen at your initial consultation with a kidney expert. Depending on the results of these tests, they might advise further testing or treatment.

Medication, dialysis, kidney transplantation, and lifestyle changes like dietary and exercise modifications are among the treatment options for kidney illness provided by kidney specialists in Jaipur. In order to holistically manage your illness, kidney doctors in Jaipur might also work with other experts, such as a dietician or someone who focuses on managing hypertension.