Constipation is the most common problem in childhood. A constipated child has irregular bowel movements, hard or dry stools.


  • The child has fewer bowel movements than normal.
  • Stools are hard and dry.
  • Pain while passing stools.
  • Avoids going to bathrooms.
  • Leaks a small amount of stools in underwear.


  • Change in lifestyle.
  • Add veggies, fruits and fibres to your diet.
  • Add apple juice, prune juice or pear juice to your diet.
  • Limit milk and milk products.
  • Toilet training is advised.

Immediately call for medical assistance if:

  • A child is less than 4 months old.
  • Gets constipated often.
  • Blood in stools or diapers or underwear.
  • Severe abdominal pain or pain in the anal region.