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What is Online Doctor Consultation

When a doctor (Allopathic Registered Medical Practitioner) delivers health care services using information and communication technologies to
the person in need, it is called online doctor consultation. It includes exchanging valid information for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention
of diseases and injuries.
Technically we call it “Telemedicine Practices.”
India has also revised its telemedicine practice guidelines for allopathic doctors (or, in easy words, online consultation guidelines) as per the
global pace. This guideline was released in march 25,2020 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
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Second Opinion
Disease Covered

Where second opinion can help

Don’t have a diagnosis

You have complain & all investigation has been done, but no diagnosis. Second opinion help to get a diagnosis.

May be Different diagnosis

You have diagnosis without expected outcome. Stop and take a second opinion because you may have new diagnosis.

Latest treatment updates

Updated you doctor with new treatment options. We help you to know about. Discuss and be confident.

Open vs Laparoscopic vs Robotic

Surgical technique has evolved over the years. We help you to decide which will be good for you.

For a Better diagnosis

You have a diagnosis but not getting relief for your problems. You may need better diagnosis for complete treatment.

For Better treatment plan

You may get better treatment plan. Discuss our expert plan with your doctor and get better outcome soon

Surgery or No Surgery

Never fear from Surgery. It works as magic. For your best quality of life allow us to be your partner in this journey.

Radiology & Pathology review

Human error can be there & missing something can be really crucial. Always get them review.

Is there any future for online medical consultation in India?

Online consultation can be a game changer in India with its great diversity, large geographical distances, huge population, and limited resources.

Online consultation can

also reduce financial costs due to traveling and workday losses of the patient and attendants. 

As the internet has reached the common population, it can be helpful during pandemics and disasters by providing safe, easy, and rapid options for patients and health care providers.

Is Doctor Online Consultation legal as per the rule of law?

Yes, it is entirely legal; registered medical professionals (M.B.B.S. and above) can conduct teleconsultations following the Telemedicine Guidelines.

Second Opinion Online
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Is the precipitation provided by online medical consultation legal?

Yes, as per the regulation mentioned above, it is legal.
It is also recommended in guidelines to prescribe drugs in a defined format, which is as valid as offline, face-to-face prescription.
Your medical store and medical laboratory will honor the online prescription.
Online prescriptions can be in the form of e-prescriptions, scanned copies, or pictures of properly signed prescriptions by the doctor, which can be delivered via email, WhatsApp, or other suitable mediums.
The prescription must include the doctor’s details like their name, registration number, and address.

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Why should one consult a
doctor online?

There are many benefits attached to having an online consultation with a doctor few of them are as follows:

Still confused ! Surgery or No surgery
An Unbiased opinion hold you in difficult times
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What is the Best Mode of Communication to
Consult an Online Doctor?

Every mode has its strengths and shortcomings.

(1) Video
(as in telemedicine facility, Videocall with the help of App, Facetime, skype, etc.)-
On the positive side, this is nearly like real interaction; the doctor can inspect and watch for visual cues, identify the patient, and talk to the caregivers. Still, it has limitations, like it needs high-speed internet and devices, and it’s essential to ensure patients’ privacy.
(2) Audio
(as by direct phone call or by App)-
Has some positive aspects like it is convenient and fast, reaches even difficult places, and is easily used during an emergency. But, still, the doctor can miss the nonverbal clues and be unable to visually inspect the patient. So there is the chance of an imposter representing the actual patient.
(3) Text
(SMS, websites, Apps, etc.) –
Convenient and quick, suitable for second opinions and follow-ups.
(4) Emails
Emails are Convenient and easy to document; images and reports can be easily shared. They are more useful when we have to send test reports during second opinions and follow-ups.

So, the mode can be selected as per the condition and the convenience; in our opinion, Video consultation is best, if possible, for the second opinion. Text services should be preferred. And mixed modes of communication like sending reports and prescriptions via email, messaging services, and video/audio during consultation can also be done. In a nutshell, the medium should be reasonably comfortable and in the patient’s interest.

My physician is asking for my consent during telemedicine. Is this process necessary?
It is given in the guidelines that if you are approaching the doctor, then there is no need for consent because it is self-understood (consent is implied). But if the doctor is approaching you, he will take the consent in simple words, in any form, and keep it safe for future reference (Explicit consent).
I have gone through a detailed examination by a doctor personally, and I was diagnosed with diabetes type-2. The doctor prescribed the medicines and advised me to have a monthly check-up. Is online consultation good for me?

Yes, consultations for routine follow-up can be done online & this is a practical solution if you travel a lot to meet a doctor in person. You can take follow-up consultations for a maximum of up to six months. After this duration, you must go for a personal/in-person consultation.

I am a lady talking about telemedicine consultation for the first time with a doctor. He wants me to switch from voice to video call. I am not comfortable with it. Is it ok not to change or discontinue the consultation?

Suppose your doctor thinks a specific medium will be more beneficial for consultation. In that case, he can ask you to switch over that medium (like from voice to video). You can discontinue consultation at any time by informing your doctor. Your doctor also has the right to discontinue or refuse consultation anytime.

I have consulted many doctors for my illness/ problem, but I am still unsatisfied. Can online consultation be helpful in my scenario?

In this situation, the help you need is not online consultation/ telemedicine. It would be best if you had a second opinion about your problem. There can be multiple possibilities. Maybe you need a more specialized doctor or a doctor from a different specialty, or maybe your situation requires the collaboration of various specialties. You can send your documents and reports to iLiOS Health, and we can guide you about the help you need.

I visited a doctor in another city, and now I must consult with him about my medicines; I am willing to pay an online consultation fee, but he is not responding. Is he liable to respond or give counseling in need?

The guidelines clearly mention that the doctor is not liable to attend to the patient via telemedicine.

My mother is old, bedridden, and often ill. A nurse used to take care of her, and she has a better understanding of her problems. Can she consult an online doctor on my mother's behalf when needed?

Yes. Your nurse (assuming she is registered in the nursing council and duly trained for the service) can consult regarding your mother. You have to provide consent to the doctor for the same.

The doctor can provide medical advice and use her as a helping hand to perform routine clinical examinations if necessary.

Can I get any medicines from online doctor consultations?
Usually, your doctor can prescribe relatively safe medicines with low abuse liability during online consultation; he cannot prescribe medication with high abuse potential or harmful drugs (which can harm the patients or society if not used correctly).
Technically we can say that the drugs which are Schedule X of the Drug and Cosmetic Act and Rules or any Narcotic and Psychotropic substance listed in the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 cannot be given by online consultation.

Yes, any registered doctor can legally provide consultation all over India.

No current guidelines exclude using digital technology to remotely conduct surgical or invasive procedures.

Online consultation should be avoided during an emergency, and personal services should be taken. Although your online doctor can help you reach the proper facility or specialty during an emergency, he can advise you on first aid or some drugs for immediate or urgent support.

You are taking consultation from an RMP (registered medical practitioner). Your doctor is bound by the principles of medical ethics as per Indian Medical Council to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

Yes, your doctor will keep the records or logs (like chats, text, video calls, voice call logs, documents, reports, etc.) for need.

As mentioned, the doctor is bound by the rules and guidelines regarding protecting your privacy and confidentiality; however, if there is evidence that a privacy breach is due to technical issues or another person’s involvement, the doctor cannot be held responsible. The doctor is expected to take the proper technical support for the security of the data if needed.

Yes, it is entirely legal; registered medical professionals (M.B.B.S. and above) can conduct teleconsultations following the Telemedicine Guidelines.

No, as of now, every qualified doctor can provide online consultation, but in the future, a dedicated online program will be developed for telemedicine. The doctors willing to provide online consultation must go through the mandatory online course designed by the regulatory bodies