It’s a bustling day at the office, her phone is ringing constantly, emails drop by every minute, she has an important presentation this afternoon and later lunch with a marquee investor, late afternoon she will be busy in training the new joiners and evening will be busy working on an international project which is having its teething issues. Plus the indomitable task of managing the home with the phone is another cherry on the pie. With so much on the plate, she forgot to have breakfast and filled the space with a large mug of sugar and cream topped coffee with a samosa. Oh on top of all that, she forgot to take her antihypertensive and anti-diabetic medicines. Her husband calls and she unwillingly pops up two pills. The life of a young woman entrepreneur can be a big mess. Add to that the lifestyle disorders like hypertension and diabetes, you are looking at a reduced lifespan, more non-communicable diseases like coronary heart disease, strokes, and kidney diseases. Talking of hypertension and diabetes, both have common precursors especially in young people and those are excessive stress, physical inactivity, indisciplined lifestyle and unhealthy food habits.

Today, India is at the crossroads of a health disaster with communicable diseases still not controlled, there is an epidemic of sorts of hypertension and diabetes in the young population which in coming decades will seriously affect the whole population so much so that our demographic advantage may soon seem to be more of a devil in disguise.  There are socioeconomic and cultural shifts in our behaviour that have resulted in a sudden surge of hypertension and diabetes in India. Most people nowadays want quick fix meals or fast foods like burgers, samosas, pizzas, doughnuts, fizzy cold drinks, coffees that are very high in salt content as well as refined sugar. These foods do not have any good nutritional value. A sudden spike in sugar levels in the blood gives a temporary kick but ultimately makes the homeostatic milieu of the body go haywire. Fast food along with fast life has taken away peace of mind which is quintessential to live a healthy life. Stress apart from the psychological impact has a lot of physical impact on the body. Stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline lead to an increase in blood pressure, produce insulin resistance, obesity, damage the blood vessels over the long term and predispose them to life-threatening disorders. 

In today’s world, everybody is on the go, and when asked about exercise, the universal excuse is not having enough TIME. Physical exercise is the single most important factor which can go a long way in keeping hypertension and diabetes at bay. 

Well, these diseases are not without solutions, there are effective prevention and treatment strategies that can be utilised to fight them and emerge victorious and healthy.


5 Simple Lifestyle Modifications For A Long And Healthy Life

  • Avoid Eating Outside Food: Try to eat home-cooked food as much as possible. Even if in a situation to eat outside, look for healthy alternatives like salads, fruits, buttermilk. Try to cut the intake of refined sugar and salt. Mindful eating goes a long way in keeping oneself healthy. Smoking and alcohol are other monsters that need to be locked before even thinking of controlling hypertension and diabetes.
  • Make Physical Exercise A Habit: Practising age-old ways like yoga and meditation, one can derive both physical and mental benefits. Walking and jogging are healthy alternatives. Everyone doesn’t need to hit the gym to get healthy.
  • Take It Easy: Life is to be lived for yourself, not for work or job. Your health is your biggest wealth. Don’t ever be in the wrong notion of being indispensable to your work and if it’s not for you, the job will be incomplete. Take help, share responsibilities and try to utilise everyone’s skills in the best way, so that work is done with minimum mental and physical labour.
  • Spend Quality Time With Family And Friends: Go on vacations, explore the world, invite friends over or go to their place. Always remember, these are the people who love you and care for you as you are and whatever you become, irrespective of your work, job or socioeconomic profile. They will be there in all walks of life.
  • Take Your Medicines Regularly: If you are already hypertensive or diabetic, take your medicines regularly, go for preventive check-ups regularly and follow your doctor’s advice strictly.


To conclude, hypertension and diabetes are fast-growing epidemics in developing countries and can be controlled effectively with simple lifestyle modifications. If diagnosed with a disease, always seek a second opinion and try to educate yourself more about the disease.

Wish you a happy and healthy life