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What is a second opinion doctor online India?

Online Consultation for a Second opinion from doctor is simple. A registered medical practitioner or physician will connect with you online via phone, chat, or Whatsapp. You can take a second option on your health issue anywhere, anytime online. During this process, valid information on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, news, medicine, report, concerns, and more are exchanged by a specialist on our platform.

Your Telemedicine support

As per the revised guidelines by the Indian Government, this online exchange of information on health issues is “Telemedicine practices”. So, we are registering telemedicine providers to help improve your health.  

100% Privacy

At iLiOS Health, we believe in data security. On our platform, users can ensure 100% privacy. We take responsibility for protecting your vulnerable information. 

Privacy Locked
Global Specialists

We have global specialists, surgeons, physicians, and professionals on one platform to resolve your health queries. The best specialists from different countries are available on one platform with all the health information. 

Global Experts
24×7 Team Support

Our team staff is here to support you whenever required. We are just a call away to help you resolve your query. 

True & Unbiased Second Opinion

We provide unbiased Second opinions and do not ask you for treatment from our experts. 

Why do you need a Second Opinion Doctor Online?

The right care is when you need a solution the most, let us be part of your healing journey. Our global specialists can provide you with solutions in the most simplified way. If you have got a healthcare query, we have you covered. Second Opinion Doctors are the perfect solution to start your healing journey. 

Global Experts

With the presence of global experts from different countries, you can ensure the best specialists provide second opinion consultation. We have selected some of the top doctors for a second opinion on our platform.

Clinic-like experience

To provide a clinic-like experience with second-opinion doctors, we offer video consultations. You can connect with a doctor instantly to get advice and a clinic-like experience.

100% safe consultation

At iLiOS Health, we offer private, safe, and secure consultations. You can assure us of a fully secure consultation. We protect the privacy of our users. We do not share data of people with pharmacies, hospitals, or laboratories.

Consultation 24×7

Consultation 24×7: Connect instantly with our team for all your queries. If you need a doctor's consultation or medications advice, we are available anytime you need. Our doctors will instantly connect with you to simplify your issue.

Easy accessibility

Start your consultation within minutes. Follow a few steps and you will instantly get connected to a specialist based on your problems.

Experts in one place

Get experts with different specialties in one place. From medical to surgical for different categories, like diabetes, breast cancer, bariatric surgery, ophthalmology, covid, etc. We have an expert for every problem and disease.

Second Opinion
Disease Covered

How and where Second Opinion Doctor online India can help you?


Don't have a diagnosis? If you have reports, but no proper diagnosis, our doctor can help you get a diagnosis.

Second opinion on diagnosis

Confused about your diagnosis or expecting a different outcome? Get a second opinion about the best medical treatment options and the cost involved.

Latest updates

We provide you with consultation with the latest treatment updates, procedures, and risks. Our doctors will provide you with a diagnosis and the latest solutions.

Unbiased Surgical technique opinion

We help you decide from the different surgical options available. So, you can choose from a second opinion, what is best for your situation and condition.

Improved Diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed, but the issue is persistent, you need a second opinion for a better diagnosis of your issue.

Effective Treatment solution

Get a second opinion on a better treatment plan from a specialist and get a different outcome.


Surgery can change your life, allowing our second opinion doctors to be part of your surgical journey and improve your condition.

Review Reports

Get your pathology or radiology review reports reviewed by a second opinion doctor at iLiOS Health.

Do Second Opinion Doctors have a future?

Online consultation for second opinion online is highly impactful in India, where we always need assurance. With a hectic life and limited service and resources, online consultation opens doors for unbiased and safe consultation. From different corners of the country, you can get a Second medical opinion online from doctors across the world. Internet access and the need for doctors are the foundation for online consultation. You can get easy access and faster solutions without having to travel anywhere or office visit.

Second Opinion Online
Best Doctors Medical Second Opinion Services

Are Second Opinion Doctors legal?

Yes! As per Ministry of Health and Family Welfare guidelines released on March 25, 2020, online consultation or formally called “Telemedicine Practices” is completely legal in India. If the doctors are registered. On our platform, we offer online consultations from MBBS, MD doctors, MS, or specialists in different categories registered as medical practitioners. 

It is legal in India to get a medical prescription online, your local pharmacy or laboratory will accept the online prescription. Online prescriptions are offered in different forms online, such as e-prescriptions, pictures of the prescription, or scanned copies via email or WhatsApp online. Online prescriptions are legal if they have a doctor’s name, address, registration, and signature.

Our Process

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Submit your information and Query
Get Unbiased Opinion
Get an online opinion from a specialist.

Why do you need a second opinion from doctor online?

Taking online consultations from doctors is beneficial in many ways. You save a lot of resources, money such as:

Get a Second Opinion for surgery or no surgery
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I lost all hope after my doctor told me I was diagnosed with cancer. But when I shared this with my best friend, she told me to get a second opinion online, so I shared my reports.  They helped me connect with the right specialist, and I got to know that it was not cancer, but some other issue. I'm so happy I connected with them, now I'm taking treatment for the issue and it's going extremely fine. 

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My son was getting symptoms of lung issues, but the doctor was not able to figure it out since he was unable to explain his issues. Even after reports, doctors were delaying a lot. Then I thought of online consultation. They helped me connect with the right expert, and my son is recovering. I can never be more thankful to them for helping me when I was confused about where to go. 

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Absolutely great experience, doctors here are quite patient, they answer questions in simple words. I'm someone who needs double assurance in everything when it comes to my children's health. So, when I contacted them for a second opinion, their doctors were professional, and patient enough to understand my concern and gave me the right solution. I'm thankful to them for such quick and easy help. 

Why Ilios Health?

If you are contemplating why choose second opinion consultation from Ilios Health, here are some reasons for you:

You will get instant text/audio/video support from our specialists without hassle. 

We have listed the best doctors across the globe who are known in their field to provide you with the right solution. 

You can connect with doctors anytime, anywhere you want without wasting time on appointments. 

Our second opinion consultation is available at absolutely no obligation or pledge.

We do not share data with hospitals or Pharmaceuticals, so you can ensure the utmost privacy and safe solutions.

How does a second opinion doctor India communicate
with you and what option is best for you?

We use different information and communication technologies to connect with you to provide a clinic-like experience and comfort. Our communication methods include: 

Video Calls

We offer a clinic-like experience through video interactions with doctors. Using apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and more, we connect with you. Doctors can visually identify the patients, inspect them, and watch to understand their problems or diseases. Moreover, a second opinion doctor will talk with the caregiver to understand better and provide a better second option. However, you need to understand that due to issues with internet connectivity, and the responsibility to ensure account privacy, there are some limitations.

Audio Calls

The most convenient and faster way to reach doctors and specialists in different categories. We connect doctors and patients using apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and more for audio calls. In case of an emergency, you can connect with doctors immediately, provide your details, procedure, and request an answer to all your worries. We will simplify issues for you and provide you with the right consultation to handle emergencies. However, there are some limitations; doctors might miss some non-verbal cues, so it’s important for you to share your detailed query. 

Text Messages

Quick solution for a free second opinion doctor online. We connect with patients online on the app and provide text consultations. You share your query online via text on apps, SMS, or any other medium, our doctors will provide you with a solution based on your query. This medium is also perfect to take follow-ups on your issue with expertise. 


For Sharing images, reports, prescriptions, and emails is a convenient and better way. Email is a more convenient and safe way to offer a way to share your test reports and get prescriptions officially. These also include follow-up reports and consultations. 

All the modes of communication have their own pros and cons. It depends on your preference and convinces you to select a medium of communication for second opinion consultation. Depending on your requirement, you can select a medium of communication to connect with our specialists comfortably. 

I got treatment for my lung issue last, but there are still symptoms. What should I do, I have completed full treatment.

In this case, you need a Second Opinion on your diagnosis and treatment, there are still underlying. A second Opinion will help you find out if your treatment was complete, and what more you can do. 

I consulted a doctor online for a second opinion, he told me to switch the medium of communication, and I’m not comfortable, is it okay to continue?

Sometimes your doctor might not be able to understand your issue from a medium say text, so they ask you to switch to an audio or video call for better communication. However, if you are not comfortable, you can discontinue the consultation at any time after informing them. Similarly, your doctor can discontinue after informing you when they feel the same. 

I travel a lot, so I consulted a doctor in one city and I'm not able to feel better even after following g treatment.

In this case, a second opinion and online consultation are best as you do not need to travel to another city and can consult with a specialist. Also, you will get follow-ups with the same. 


A. To get a second opinion from a doctor, all you need is to reach our platform, connect for consultation, share your details, and we will connect you with a specialist to help you with queries. 

A. Yes! Absolutely our doctors are registered medical practitioners in different fields of specialization. We have selected doctors on our platform who have years of experience to ensure you get the best solutions. 

A. You just need to get on our platform for consultation, and share details, and we will find a specialist for you. From diagnosis to treatment, our doctors will solve your queries. 

A. Yes! Every other person wants a second opinion in expectation of different outcomes. There are chances you are not consulting a specialist or your doctor does not have a deep understanding of the matter. So, taking a second opinion, especially for expensive treatments, can come in handy.