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What is Second Opinion Orthopedic Doctor India?

Second Opinion Orthopedic is an online consultation in the discipline of medicine that is focused on the musculoskeletal system of your body. Orthopedic is a branch of medicine that deals with bones and muscles. Orthopedic doctors dealing in acute and chronic orthopedic injuries. These include broken bones, dislocations, fractures, tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, bone growth, or spinal alignment. 

You can take a second opinion on any of these injuries or orthopedic issues. Telemedicine as updated by guidelines released on 25 March 2020 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, telemedicine practices are legal in India. 

Right Guidance

Get the right guidance and the right solution at the right time from our orthopedic doctors. 

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100% Safe

We believe in providing 100% security and privacy. We will ensure your data security so you can share your issues without hassle. 

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We have experts from different countries offering the latest solutions to your problems. 

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Our team is available for support whenever needed, we are just a call/text away to resolve your queries. 

Why do you need our Second Opinion Orthopedic doctor?

If you are looking for an experienced Orthopedic who will give your right opinion, we can help you in many ways as follows: 

Right guidance

Our Orthopedic doctors are equipped with the latest training, knowledge, and more. We can help you provide the right solution for your orthopedic issue.

Instant availability

We are available 24×7, if you need our orthopedic second opinion at midnight, we are here to help you. We offer instant support, so you do not have to wait for your turn or appointment. Connect with us for instant orthopedic consultation.


We are there when you need a second opinion. You do not need to travel for hours, take appointments, and wait, we can help you as per your requirements. If you have an issue, our orthopedic doctor will help you whenever you need consultation on call/text/video.


We are available any time you need us at an affordable cost. Our orthopedic doctors do not force you to take treatment from them. So, we only charge for consultation. You can select our services according to your requirements.

100% secure and private

We are responsible telemedicine providers, we understand your privacy needs and vulnerability to data. We do not share our user data with hospitals, pharmaceuticals, or laboratories for any financial gain. With us, you can ensure 100% safe consultation.

True Second Opinion

We offer true guidance without any manipulation. Our Orthopedic doctors will guide you and provide you with a solution, treatment or no treatment is in your hands. We only provide a second opinion, not impacting any of your opinions.

Second Opinion
Disease Covered

Where does Orthopedic Second Opinion online can help?

Orthopedic Doctors can provide a second opinion in many ways such as: 

No Diagnosis

You have a report, but you do not have a diagnosis. Our Orthopedic Doctors can check your reports and provide your second opinion on reports for Diagnosis

Different Diagnosis

Do you need a different Diagnosis because you feel the outcome is not right? Second Opinion Doctors can help you with different diagnoses.

Better Treatment

Are you not satisfied with your existing treatment or is it not giving you desired results? Second Opinion Orthopedic Doctor can help you guide you with better treatment options for your issue.

Laboratory Reports Review

We can provide you with a second opinion or resolve your queries for your laboratory reports review. There can be human errors, so a second opinion can confirm your doubts.

Improved Diagnosis

If you are not satisfied with your diagnosis, need a second opinion? Consult our Orthopedic doctors for a second opinion on musculoskeletal system issues. Doctors will re-check your diagnosis, and provide you with the right guidance.

Treatment Updates

With a second Opinion Orthopedic doctor, you can take updates on the latest treatment available for your issue to cure.

Surgery Second Opinion

Surgery is always difficult, a second opinion will give you reassurance on whether you need surgery or no surgery. A second opinion on surgery is always beneficial.


Surgical technologies for the musculoskeletal system have evolved. We can help you choose from these technologies for your best results.


Dr Vipul Gupta

Dr. Vipul Kumar Gupta


Dr Nikhil Motiram Tonge

Dr. Nikhil M. Tonge


Dr Tarush Rustagi

Dr. Tarush Rustagi

Orthopedic Spine Surgery

Is Second Opinion Orthopedic Doctor legal in India?

Yes! As per the latest guidelines released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 25 March 2020, telemedicine is legal in India. With registered doctors, patients can take online second opinion consultation. 

We have registered orthopedic doctors who are practicing in the field over the years. With our telemedicine services, you can ensure the right guidance from our orthopedic doctors. 

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Future of Second Opinion Orthopedic Doctor Online

Orthopedic Doctors online have a good future in India with the right guidelines for the ministry and consumer needs. You do not need to travel, you can consult orthopedic doctors for a second opinion online anytime and anywhere. 

With the rising need for orthopedic doctors and a hectic schedule, online consultation is useful. The second Opinion in India will always be effective as humans need assurance when it comes to health. 

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Why do you need to consult Orthopedic online?

Consultation by Orthopedic Doctor online can be beneficial in many ways such as: 

Get a True and right second opinion from an orthopedic doctor India


Why Choose Us for an Orthopedic Second Opinion online?

We offer the true and right direction for orthopedic issues and do not manipulate people for treatments. It’s completely your choice where you want to take your treatment. 

We understand how vulnerable telemedicine data can be, so we offer 100% data privacy to our users. 

Our consultation does not cost a huge amount, we take an affordability fee for consultation irrespective of your issue. 

You can consult our team for your query whenever required, we understand your issue and resolve it as soon as possible. 

Our Orthopedic doctors are registered and well-experienced practitioners to help you. 


You don’t need to travel or wait, we can provide instant support. 


How can you connect with our second
opinion orthopedic doctor?

To communicate and exchange information for telemedicine with our orthopedic surgeon second< opinion,
you can use various mediums as per your preferences such as:

Via App such as WhatsApp or SMS, you can reach out to our orthopedic, share your query and get analysis. Over text, you can share images, files, reports, and more. However, you need to understand that sometimes doctors might not be able to understand your query via text. So, they might ask you to switch to a different medium. 


Orthopedic Doctors can connect with you on video calls via apps like Whatsapp, Skype, or more. You can share your query, they can talk to patients as well as caregivers to understand the situation better. They can examine the patient visually and help you find the best solution with orthopedic doctor consultation online. 


You can audio call our orthopedic doctor via phone, apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, or more. In case of an emergency, you can instantly share your issue and get feedback. However, you need to understand that over audio calls, the doctors are not visually examining patients. They are understanding the situation as per your description. 


Emails are more or less used for sharing reports, prescriptions, lab reports, diagnoses, etc. You can also take follow-ups over email on your issue. 

Choosing the right medium of communication for orthopedic doctors completely depends on your comfort level. However, we highly recommend audio and video calls to explain your issue better and get instant guidance. You can also use mixed guidance to connect with our doctors. 

My doctors suggested Knee surgery recently, but I think I don't have that severe issue. I need assurance if surgery is actually needed or not.

In that, you need a second opinion from an orthopedic doctor, the doctor will check your diagnosis, and treatment history, and let you know if you really need surgery. In fact, if you need an alternative treatment our doctor will suggest it. 

My father is bedridden, and we often need to connect with doctors, visiting them at the clinic or connecting with them as per appointment on the phone is difficult, do you think an online second opinion will help?

You have already ongoing treatment, you need an opinion on some issues every now and then. Second Opinion can help you whenever you want, irrespective of time. Since you only need consultation for a few things and follow-ups, our orthopedic doctors can help you whenever required. 

My doctor recommended hip surgery. I'm confused. Should I go for it or not?

In this case, you only need assurance if your surgery will work or if it is really required. Second Opinion Doctors can help you give assurance needed for surgery or any other query you have related to your surgery. 


A. To get a second Opinion Orthopedic doctor on our platform, you need to connect with us for consultation and share your details and issues, we will connect you with our expert for a second opinion. You can connect anytime with our orthopedic doctors for a second opinion. 

A. Yes! You can get a second opinion on the existing diagnosis, we also provide a second opinion on better treatments or diagnosis options to confirm your condition. You can share your diagnosis report with the doctor and get your second opinion on it. 

A. Some common orthopedic problems include joint pain, back pain, bone fractures, muscle strains, arthritis, limb abnormalities, bone cancer, and more. Out of these joints and back are extremely common among all age groups.