Do I have Cancer or Anxiety

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Cancer is becoming a global concern. Every monthly delay in cancer treatment can increase the risk of death by 10%. However, medical efforts are being made to increase the survival rate of cancerous disease.

It turns out to be a highly necessary point of discussion when you want to figure out the exact differentiator between cancer and anxiety.

What’s Anxiety?


Anxiety is commonly associated with emotions and mental disturbance. When you feel anxious about something or someone, you are in anxiety.

What is Cancer?


Cancer is described as a disease that germinates within the body from abnormal cell development. Later these cells grow abnormally in the body and start migrating to other parts, tissues, or wherever they are formed.

Cancer Vs. Anxiety What's Riskier?


Cancer and anxiety coming during cancer are both dangerous. Cancer is already life-threatening and responsible for shattering millions of families around the world every month. But anxiety can add more trouble for the patients as well as for the doctor.

Brain cancer is rare. But depression and anxiety accompanied by cancerous diseases are common.